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Our Story

      Nestled between the rolling hills of Southeast Michigan and the pristine waters of Lake Huron lies some of the richest farmland in America, Michigan's Thumb. We at Findlay's Organics are proud to call the thumb home.  Not only has our family farmed the land here for over 100 years, but we have been certified organic since 1998.  During the summer, Lake Huron creates a microclimate that makes the Thumb warmer at night and cooler during the day.  This unique climate has helped create some of the greatest dry bean production in America and made this region one of the largest concentrated areas of organic farming in the nation. 

       Findlay's Organics is the retail/wholesale line affiliated with Clearwater Farms, Harvest Ridge Processing, and Finn Flyer Transport. Our primary focus is getting the organic dry beans and wheat that Clearwater Farms grows and Harvest Ridge Processing cleans and packages directly to our customers. 


Jon Findlay

Quantities Available

Findlay's Organics currently offers both 10#, 25# and 50# bags of organic black beans, organic small red beans, organic navy beans, organic garbanzo beans, as well as our organic soft white wheat. These products can be found in our 'shop' page. Wholesale quantities and prices are coming soon!

Looking for bulk organic commodities or processing of organic commodities? Clearwater Farms and Harvest Ridge Processing are our sister companies that specialize in just that!
Visit their website here: