We are blessed to be able to offer our products here for your convience as well as on Amazon. Under our shop page you will find we have all three of our organic dry bean varieties available along with our organic soft white wheat! All of our products have been grown by Clearwater Farms and cleaned and packaged by Harvest Ridge Processing. Clearwater Farms is the parent company of Findlay's Organics and Harvest Ridge Processing; all of this happens at one location under the ownership of one family!

We thank you for your interest in our Michigan grown products and supporting our family business!

Marble Surface

A Trip Down Memory Lane

2014 Value Added Agriculture Producer of the Year

Video Credit:  MSU Product Center

2012 Let's Visit Another JAS Farm the Findlay's Michigan

Video Credit:  yoshikotuttle

2011 Jon Findlay Winner of Michigan Farm Bureau Young  Farmer  Achievement 

Video Credit:  Michigan Farm Bureau

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